I've had the pleasure of working with a number of talented musicians, many who have photos here on this site. You can find links to their myspace pages and web sites below.

Ari Hest – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Barefoot Compadres – (MySpace)
Bethany Dillon – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Brendan James – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Brian Troester – (MySpace)
Callie Weiss – (MySpace)
Chris Miller – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Damon Dotson – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Danny Whitson – (MySpace)
Daphne Willis & Co. – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Dierks Bentley – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Downhere – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Hailey Faith – (MySpace)
Jason Reeves – (MySpace)
Joel Pinkerton – (MySpace)
Josh Davis Band – (MySpace)
Joshua Stevens – (MySpace)
Joy Williams – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Justin Kirk – (MySpace)
Keaton Simons – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Mat Kearney – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Matthew West – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Meg Allison – (MySpace)
Motion City Soundtrack – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Shane & Shane – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Sister Hazel – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Super Size Seven – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Stable Daze – (MySpace)
Starfield – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Third Eye Blind – (MySpace)   (Official Site)
Towncrier – (MySpace)
We The Living – (MySpace)   (Official Site)